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We hope that this list represents a good overview of Bright Ovens, the products we use and the oven cleaning training our staff undertake as well as any other oven cleaning and oven valeting questions you may have. If you have any other questions please send these by e-mail to 


Are Bright Oven technicians insured?

Yes. All technicians carry full insurance cover. This cover extends beyond 3rd party and public liability. The items that we are cleaning and valeting are also covered for your total peace of mind.

What oven cleaning training have your people had?

The training course is the finest in the industry and all aspects are covered. You can therefore be assured that all oven cleaning work undertaken will be of the highest quality and performed by a fully trained specialist.

What other items can Bright Oven’s clean?

We also clean and valet gas and electric hobs, extractor hoods, microwave ovens and quality BBQs. We also offer a vast selection of traditional stove services like Aga Cleaning, Rayburn and ‘Range style’ ovens and cookers. We also clean washing machines, dish washers, fridges and freezers.

What do you clean on an washing machine?

We clean the soap draw, filter and door seal so will be free from mould and soap residue. The glass window inside and out and also the exterior of the machine so that it sparkles. Finally we run a descaling product through the machine.

Do you defrost the freezer?

Yes we empty and defrost the freezer using an absorbent mat which leaves no mess or water. We then thoroughly clean the interior with a deodorizing cleaner spray to remove any unwanted smells.

What do you clean in the fridge?

Remove all baskets and shelves and clean these thoroughly. The inside is then professionally cleaned with an anti bacterial and deodorizing cleaner spray to remove any germs or unwanted smells.

Do your operators carry spares?

Yes. All technicians carry replacement bulbs, universal seals, oven liners and a good selection of extractor hood filters. If we don’t have what you need on the van, simply ask your operator if he/she can source the parts you are looking for.

How often will my oven need professionally cleaned?

This really does depend on how often the oven is used and what is cooked in it. An oven that is regularly used to cook fatty meats will need more regular visits than an oven that is perhaps used once a week to warm through ‘ready meals’. Many clients use our service twice a year but this is by no means ’standard’. We will be there when you need us again and we will write to you once or twice a year to remind you of the date of our last visit. Your technician will give you quality advice about repeat visits when at your premises.

How do I book an appointment?

This should be really easy. Either call our free phone number on the main page or email us your name, address and contact details. We will respond to your valued enquiry as quickly as possible by telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time to carry out the cleaning service.




What We Do

Bright Ovens staff will remove all removable parts of your oven which are then transfered to our van, these parts are cleaned thoroughly outside your home to eliminate mess and odour. Your oven is then cleaned inside using fume free products, from top to bottom so it looks like new.


About Us

Bright Ovens is a small family run oven cleaning business. All Bright Ovens staff are specifically trained in professional oven cleaning. At Bright Ovens all staff pride themselves in delivering exceptional customer service and proud members of The Association of Approved Oven Cleaners.


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